The Best Guitar String Winders

Are your fingers hurting from having to manually wind up your strings after every string change? Here’s a real game-changer. A good string winder will serve you well both for gigs and also for the casual guitar player at home. Unless you’ve got locking tuners, you’re going to want a string winder to tune up your guitar after string changes.

the best guitar string winder

In fact, you might just want to buy more than one to have in your guitar gear bag, your home playing area and anywhere else where your guitars are found! They’re cheap and well worth the minor expense to get your guitars wound up with new strings quickly. If you’re like me, you know what it’s like to wind up more than 4-5 guitars at a time with just your fingers – not fun.

The Best Guitar String Winders You’ll Love

We reviewed several guitar string winders to find you the best of the best below:

Planet Waves Pro String Winder and Cutter

If you are looking for an easy to use, top-quality guitar string winder, you may want to consider Planet Wave’s Pro String Winder and Cutter. This Pro String Winder comes with a built-in string cutter, and is a universal winder, that can be used for not only guitars, but almost all standard-sized banjos, and mandolins as well. In addition to its built-in string cutter, this guitar winder features a bridge pin puller for acoustic instruments.

Planet Wave’s Pro String winder and cutter is designed uniquely to be sturdy and remains affordable and liked by customers. It’s sturdy design that offers significant space between the winder and the headstock to ensure that you will not pinch yourself while using this device. Planet Waves Pro String Winder and Cutter is an excellent price for its durability and reliability, and it’s easy to use!

LC Prime’s 3 in 1 Electric Guitar String Winder

Calling all electric guitar owners! The LC Prime’s “3 in 1 Electric Guitar String Winder,” features a quintessential design that includes a string wire winder, built-in scissors, bridge pullers and extensions! This electric guitar string winder is perfect for someone looking for a multi-purpose string winder, or someone who is just beginning to play guitar.

This winder is adaptable not just for guitar, but also for mandolin, bass, and the banjo as well.  It has many functions without sacrificing the high quality of this string winder. LC Prime’s electric guitar string winder allows you to pull the pins on your guitar to tighten them from the base of your guitar and tighten the guitar tuners. LC Primes guitar string winder is an all-around great choice for a combination guitar string winder at a comparable price to similar brands.

Alice Pro Guitar String Winder & Bridge Pin Puller

If you are looking for the perfect guitar string winder with a combination bridge puller for both quality and price, the Alice Pro Guitar String Winder & Bridge Puller is an excellent option! What makes the Alice Pro Guitar String Winder different from other brands is that the end comes off and can be connected to a universal electric screwdriver or drill.

This enables you to quickly change and wind your guitar strings with little to no effort! This extremely unique feature of this string winder, unique to Alice Pro, makes this string winder popular among its customers. This sturdy string winder is delivered from the UK, and also includes a bridge pin puller that has the capacity to pull out bridge pins from your guitar. The Alice Pro guitar string winder is customized for acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass, and comes at an excellent price for its high quality and intricate design.

Jim Dunlop 114SI Deluxe Guitar Stringwinder

The Dunlop 114S1 Deluxe Guitar String winder is an incredible product for it’s more than reasonable price, that has a firm handle for you to hold while rotating your guitar tuners. This lightweight guitar string winder, weighing at 2.4 ounces Is incredibly sturdy for its weight, and can be shipped from the USA. Out of over 100 reviews on, the Jim Dunlop string winder receives 4.5 out of 5 strings, and many comments regarding its reliability.

It rotates smoothly, is well balanced, and fits almost every standard guitar. The Deluxe guitar string winder features a surprise compartment in the handle, perfect for storing any small equipment such as earphones, end pins, etc.  For those looking for a balance of sturdiness and affordability the Jim Dunlop is a marvelous option, however for those who are willing to consider spending a few extra dollars, Planet Wave’s guitar string winder is a little sturdier.

Our Favorite Is…

Any one of the guitar string winders mentioned above will be a HUGE improvement over winding guitar strings by hand, but if we have to choose a favorite that is good on the wallet and on the fingers it would have to be the Planet Waves winder and cutter. Planet Waves makes some good guitar gear and the addition of the built-in guitar string cutter pushes this string winder over the edge.


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