The Best Guitar Capos

A guitar capo can really expand your musical boundaries when playing guitar. Just clamp one on and away you go with much more tonal variation. You’re essentially moving the nut on your guitar.

capo for guitar

All guitar capos are not made equally so we’ve done the research and identified the best ones below:

Shubb C1K (Capo Noir) Black Chrome Capo For Steel String Guitars

While most Capos remain below the $20 price range, the Shubb C1K goes a little over at about $22. With that being said, splurging with the extra $2 is worth it as this capo is compatible with both acoustic and electric steel string guitars without compromising on quality. The simple design and sleek color allow it to blend easily with the design of the guitar instead of calling attention to it.

This capo is built with the ability to adjust the tension at which it closes, preventing any potential tuning problems that could arise. The adjustable tension provides a base at which the capo clips onto the neck of the guitar. When it clips, it snaps exactly as desired without being too loose or too tight and if it does, it is easily fixable.

GUITARX X2 Guitar Capo

The GUITARX X2 Capo is also capable of working with both electric and acoustic guitars. Luckily, this specific capo does not require steel strings and is compatible with almost all guitar types, except it is not recommended for use on 12 string guitars.

The beauty of this capo is the silicone padding which protects your guitar from scratching without reducing the ease at which you can change between frets. For $19, this capo is a great choice for those who need quick and reliable movement without risking the quality of the tune or the damaging of the guitar.

WINGO Guitar Capo 

Slick and simple in design, the WINGO Guitar Capo fits the necks of most electric and acoustic guitars, but not classical. It is one of the most reliable choices, as the capo stays locked firmly in place to prevent buzzing or putting your instrument out of tune. One the lower end of the price range, this capo is only $13 and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

It also comes with an adjustable tension knob and consist of a lightweight zinc-alloy body built to last. The capo is meant for use on both 6-string and 12-string guitars and gives precise control over where your strings are clipped without fear of slipping or moving out of place.

Kyser Quick-Change Capo For 12-String Guitars

Hitting right at the $20 mark, the Kyser Quick-Change Capo is specifically designed to fit 12-string guitars. This well-built capo is meant to allow quick changes easily and with one hand. It maintains the desired tension without drifting while quickly switching between capo placements.

As one of the only ones meant for 12-string guitars, it provides a great replacement for those capos that are consistently falling apart after repeated use. It uses a higher tension than those capos that are meant for 6-string guitars and for good reason. The more strings means the greater the tension needs to be to hold them down without moving.

Amumu FC10 Guitar Capo 

For those who want to stand out, this bright green capo is a great choice for only $10. Meant only for 6-string guitars, it prevents the buzzing that is often caused by cheaper capos and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Built with silicone padding and an aluminum body, this capo is designed to allow quick changes without falling apart and only using one hand. It provides consistent pressure on your strings while still remaining loose enough not to damage your guitar. Like most, it works with both acoustic guitars and electric guitars, although the preference for this specific capo is with electric guitars.

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